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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Cliffhangers! Episode 5

Chapter X
Written by Myla Lichtman
Directed by Sutton Roley

Didja Notice?

Dracula asks Mary to meet him at the Arriba bar. "Arriba" is a Spanish exclamation of approval or elation.

At the bar, Dracula entertains the patrons with fantastic piano playing. An old man asks him to play "Moscow Nights". "Moscow Nights" is a Russian song originally titled "Leningrad Nights" written in 1955. Later, the Soviet Ministry of Culture produced a modified version called "Evenings at Moscow Riverside" which has become popular in the West as "Moscow Nights".

A barfly asks Dracula to play "Peg o' My Heart", a 1913 song written for the musical play Ziegfeld Follies. The lyrics are quite simple:
  Peg O' my heart, I love you
  Don't let us part, I love you
  I always knew, it would be you
  Since I heard your lilting laughter
  It's your Irish heart I'm after,
  Peg O' my heart, your glances
  Make my heart say "How's chances?"
  Come, be my own; come, make your home in my heart.

As Mary walks into the bar, Dracula is playing "As Time Goes By" by Herman Hupfeld (1931). It is best known as Rick and Ilsa's song in the 1942 classic film Casablanca. When he spies Mary sitting down, he changes the tune he's playing and, though the music is familiar, I can't place the title; it sounds like a classical music piece.

Dracula's minions drug Kurt outside the bar and drag him into a museum, where they entomb him in a stone sarcophagus in the Thebes exhibit (the ancient Egyptian city). But how did they get in there? It's the middle of the night! Is the museum owned by Dracula?

This week's cliffhanger: Kurt is drugged and entombed in a stone sarcophagus in a museum exhibit!


Memorable Dialog

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Chapter 7
Written by David Carren
Directed by Tony LoBianco

Didja Notice?

There are constant overhead announcements in Chimera throughout the chapters of The Secret Empire. The one at 24:56 in the episode is amusing: "Cancellation notice. Cancellation notice. There will be no meeting of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Subforms. This meeting has been canceled due to lack of interest." (In Episode 4, Maya referred to Taz as a subform.)

This week's cliffhanger: Donner and Millie are seemingly crushed by a collapsing water tower!

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Memorable Dialog
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half our lives.wav
Chapter Six
Written by Andrew Schneider
Directed by Sigmund Neufeld
Didja Notice?

As it begins, this chapter is mistakenly labeled Chapter Seven. The words "Chapter Seven" are also in a different font than previously used. At the end of the chapter, the teaser advertises Chapter Eight instead of Seven (though at least the font is back to normal!).

This week's cliffhanger: Susan and Jack's car is run off the docks into the ocean, sinking to a watery grave!

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Memorable Dialog
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