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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
Cliffhangers! Episode 7

Chapter XII
Written by Craig Buck
Directed by Sutton Roley

Didja Notice?

At the beginning of this chapter, Dracula pens in his journal that he is certain that if Kurt Van Helsing has managed to track Mary down to Antoinette's, his able apprentice has disposed of him for good. So, is Dracula more certain of his apprentice than he is of himself? For he has already failed several times in previous chapters to dispose of Van Helsing!

The woman who plays Mary's undead mother Amanda (Louise Sorel) looks a lot like the actress who plays Mary, Carol Anne Baxter. Good casting choice.

After having been clobbered and apparently knocked unconscious by Mary's mother at 9:17 in the episode, Antoinette is holding an ice bag to the back of her head! I didn't know vampires could get bruised and sore from a beating!

Apparently in this version of the Dracula legend, he is unable to transform into a bat. At the end of the chapter, he attempts to leap up to the hole in the ceiling of his prison, but in human form only; if he could turn into a bat he could have easily escaped.

The cliffhanger ending this week: in a twist, this time it's the villain caught in the cliffhanger! Dracula is trapped unprotected in an old silo while the rising sun begins to shine through a hole in the ceiling, slowly scorching from him his undead life!

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Memorable Dialog

common goal.wav
what I have seen, who I have known.wav

Chapter 9
Written by Jeri Taylor
Directed by Dean J. Zanetos

Didja Notice?

As seen at 26:22 in the episode, why would the Chimerans, who come from another planet, use Roman numerals on their equipment dials?!

At 29:24 in the episode, the boom microphone is visible at the top of the screen.

This week's cliffhanger: Princess Maya is trapped in a giant spider web with a giant spider!

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Memorable Dialog
Donner Jim is dead.wav
perhaps you can explain.wav
Chapter Eight
Written by Thomas Szollosi and Richard Christian Matheson
Directed by Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Didja Know?

A local fisherman and river guide named Miguel gives a Susan a demonstration of the ferociousness of piranha in the river by lowering a large dead fish on a string into the water briefly and pulling is back up as nothing but bones and a head. Later he himself falls into the river and is devoured. This ferociousness of piranha is largely mythical, often promulgated in Hollywood productions. Though they are voracious meat eaters, they are actually omnivorous and do not normally attack living prey larger than themselves.

After Miguel demonstrates to Susan that there are piranha in the river, she comments, "Just when I thought it was safe to be go back in the water." This is a paraphrasing of the tagline of Jaws 2, the 1978 sequel to Jaws.

As Susan and Olga are about to escape by boat, Olga unties the bowline at 44:11 in the episode. Then, when Jack jumps in a few seconds later, it appears to be tied off again but magically unloops itself from the dock at 44:31!

This week's cliffhanger: Clinging to a tree branch which breaks under weight, Susan is about to plunge into the piranha-filled river!

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Memorable Dialog
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